For Grade 2

2nd Grade Skills for School Success

Physical, Social and Cognitive Skills for the Second Classroom

Developmental Milestones for 2nd Grade

In second grade, your child will be asked to think a little more in-depth and a little less concretely. Cognitive milestones that support this learning include the ability to understand the concepts of money and time and the ability to do mental math.

social milestones that will help in navigating second grade are those which help your child be more independent. He should gain a better ability to judge his strengths and weaknesses, have a little more self-control and be a little more willing to speak up when his opinion differs from that of his friends.

This independence is echoed in his physical milestones, as he begins to have a greater control over his movements, knowing when his body needs a break and and increased ability for repetitive physical actions as they apply to games.

In first grade your child was introduced to a more academically challenging curriculum. This year the trend continues, asking him to rely on the development 2nd grade skills in the social, physical and cognitive realm to help him think work more independently.

1. 2nd Grade Cognitive Skills for School Success

Your child begins the task of more abstract learning this year. The second grade cognitive skills needed to make this work include being able to attend to things for a longer period of time and a greater capacity to work things out in her head and not just on paper.

2. 2nd Grade Social Skills for School Success

Second grade social skills for school success are those that help your child gain independence and self-awareness. Since academic expectations this year will expect your child  to think more for herself, the social skills needed to  feel confident and capable are very important.

3. 2nd Grade Physical Skills for School Success

With such a focus on personal accountability and independence in second grade, the necessary physical skills reflect this focus. Knowing how to self-regulate activity and the ability to coordinate movements enough to participate in team activities are important this year.

4. Signs of Trouble With Learning in Second Grade

For some children second grade is when you begin to see signs of trouble of trouble with learning that may require a referral for special education evaluation.