For Grade 1

1st Grade Skills for School Success

Physical, Social and Cognitive Skills for the First Grade Classroom

 Developmental Milestones for 1st Grade

After negotiating the highly social oriented environment of kindergarten, your child will enter the more academically challenging first grade classroom. The social developmental milestones that will help her successfully negotiate this atmosphere include being able to start seeing others’ points of view and relating well to praise.

Cognitively, your child should be able to see patterns in words, numbers and, to some degree, the world around her. She will also begin to answer basis questions with more detail.  Physical milestones this year are both gross and fine motor-related; having the stamina to keep going with a physical activity for 5 to 15 minutes and developing the muscles that allow for better pencil grip and neater handwriting.

Last year, your child learned a number of things in kindergarten that prepared him to move on to the more academically challenging first grade classroom. It’s not only the things he learned that will help with school success, it’s his development of 1st grade skills in the social, physical and cognitive realm that’s important, too.

1. 1st Grade Social Skills for School Success

In kindergarten, your child learned to socially interact with his peers and teachers. This year, he’ll continue to develop and hone these skills and also begin to learn to see things from other people’s points of view.  These social skills and a few others will him have well on his way to a successful first grade year.

2. 1st Grade Physical Skills for School Success

In first grade your child will need to have more physical stamina, both inside the classroom and on the playground. His gross motor skills are developing enough to help him to play organized games, but being able to control his pencil and scissors will be crucial, too.

3. 1st Grade Cognitive Skills for School Success

As child begins first grade, his ability to learn and process information is expanding rapidly. He's much more able to make connections between the things he knows and the things he sees in the world. Some of those newly acquired cognitive skills are very important for first grade learning.

4. Signs of Trouble With Learning in First Grade

First grade is a time of huge growth in learners, particularly in reading and math. Though some children develop slower than others, there are certain signs of trouble that need to be looked at more carefully.