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Value of the month March: Trustworthiness Trustworthiness:the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.  Great topic coming into testing time/prep.   We are also reviewing Tattling Versus Telling.  This is an important distinction for students to learn, instead of running and telling teachers things that are not their business!  This helps us with being trustworthy, that when someone comes to a grown up and tells us something, if they have a good reputation, and we know we can trust them, we will listen more calmly!
Posted by Robin Gabriel  On Mar 22, 2017 at 11:11 AM 148 Comments
February is a month that all across the country, and in some other countries in the world, celebrate and try to cultivate Kindness in schools.  From Feb 27- Mar 3, Richmond will have The Great Kindness Challenge at school.  It will include Spirit Days, contests and The Challenge, which is 50 kindness tasks that each student will do in the week.  It is great fun.   Please check in with your son or daughter to see their checklist, which will come out the Monday of the Kindness Week. You may know we are a Bucket Filling school.  See this picture to visually understand what we mean!
Posted by Robin Gabriel  On Feb 08, 2017 at 8:35 AM 148 Comments
Hello parents and guardians,  This month in Second Step counseling lessons, we are discussing ways to end bullying, as October is National Bullying Prevention Month.   The Second Step program defines bullying as actions that: Are repeated (or have the potential to be repeated) Involve a real or perceived imbalance of power Have the intent to cause physical or emotional harm Have a significant impact on the bullied student Adults often find it difficult to distinguish between actual bullying—where there is a power imbalance, intent to harm, and repeated behavior—and instances of peer conflict, which usually happen once and don’t involve a power differential. What Students Learn In the Bullying Prevention Unit lessons, students learn: How to recognize bullying and that bullying is mean or hurtful behavior that keeps happening To identify caring adults to talk to about bullying and use assertiveness skills to report it That they can use assertiveness skills to refuse to let bullying happen to themselves and others And that bystanders have the power to stop bullying by including others, standing up for them, and reporting bullying when they see it happen What Adults Learn A big part of what makes the Bullying Prevention Unit work is that all school staff go through online training that helps them recognize and respond to bullying and distinguish bullying from peer conflict. Since students are learning to report bullying to an adult when it happens, all staff learn how to take a student’s bullying report and ensure the safety of the student. They also learn ways to prevent and intervene in bullying and practice following through with both the student or students doing the bullying and the student being bullied. Please look at the following link to find more resources. Please contact me or your students' teacher to discuss any issues. Thank you,  Mrs. Gabriel
Posted by Robin Gabriel  On Oct 05, 2016 at 12:28 PM 67 Comments
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